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G3 min-Flow(Power) Demonstration

1. Fit the supplied adapter to the turbocharger.

2. Mount the turbocharger onto the air outlet port.
3. Locate the anti-rotation device onto the nose nut.

4. Select the turbo part number from the 1700+ entry database

5. Press “LOAD SELECTED PART” the correct parameters will be load and display a Pass band.
6. Press “START” to begin the test sequence, the machine generates pressure and displays the actual flow through the VGT, which updates as you adjust the mechanism.
7. The test result is displayed as PASS or FAIL.
8. If the turbo does not pass, adjust the minimum flow as required, either by adjusting the set-screw or re-positioning the Rotary Electronic Actuator (R.E.A) using supplied controller.
9. Once passed, you can print a test certificate for your records.


You can now be assured that it will perform correctly on the vehicle.

Presented By Gary Picken, the best looking member of G3
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