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The G3-min-Flow (Power) was designed and built in the UK by 3 former Garrett Test Engineers whom have a combined total of 60 years in the Industry.

These highly skilled & experienced engineers have designed this machine with the end user in mind.
No complicated set up, easily managed database and software, simple adaptors which can be easily made by the end user.

Features and Benefits
• Fully Self-contained
• Built-in air supply
• Calibrated to UKAS traceable standards
• Calibration test plates provided to easily verify the accuracy of the machine
• Test the minimum flow of any VGT Turbocharger up to 180kg/h
• Quick release mounting flange, complete with four adapters
G3 REA-Master(USB) Controller included, complete with six cables
• Simple, no nonsense software, with touch screen interface
• Built in database, with c.1700 references
• Plugs directly into any 5-pin 3-phase 16amp (Red) Socket
• Size of 145 x 70 x 130cm (LxWxH) (with feet and backpanel fitted)
• Full CE Accreditation

Whats Included

1 x G3-min-Flow(Power) machine
1 x Industrial grade touch-screen monitor
4 x Adapter plates
6 x R.E.A. Cables
1 x Anti-rotation device
1 x C-Spanner
4 x C-Clamps
4 x Calibration Orifice Plates

G3-min-Flow (Power)    Turbocharger minimum flow bench
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