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The G3 PNEU-Master (Touch) is a standalone turbocharger pneumatic  actuator tester and calibrator tool for service personnel and turbocharger repairers.

The tester can generate and maintain a required set-point pressure from -75kPaG (Vacuum) to +200kPaG (Pressure).


It is operated via a simple to use 5” Full Colour PCAP touch screen interface allowing the user to easily setup and test any actuator.

Built-in database of turbocharger part numbers, allows checking of the calibration of pressure-vs-displacement and pressure-vs-voltage feedback. 

Includes a leak check function, to test an actuator and monitor any pressure decay versus time.

The tester can also be used to check the voltage output of position sensors fitted to actuators.

Whats Included

1 x G3 PNEU-MasterTouch (190x190x54mm)
1 x Tube + Filter pack, to connect to the actuators

4 x Actuator Cables to fit most common actuators
1 x 12V DC 5A PSU with UK / Euro Plug
1 x USB-A to Mini USB-B Lead
1 x Carry Case with Moulded foam insert

Pneumatic Actuator Master
PN Screen.png
G3-PNEU-Master (Touch)
Pneumatic Actuator Tester
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